Our Exclusive Media Partnerships

When listing a home, you are always looking for new ways to stand out from other real estate companies. Homesale has created exactly what you and your sellers need with our exclusive online network of media partnerships. With Prudential Homesale, your client’s listings receive more exposure on local websites than any other company. Our media partners are trusted local news sources and already attract more than 6.7 million visitors per month! These exclusive partnerships give your listings more opportunity to be found through traditional websites as well as mobile websites.

When people use local media websites like WGAL.com, Fox43.com, ABC27.com or WBALTV.com to search for real estate, they are immediately redirected to PrudentialHomesale.com. This service is not offered by any of our local competitors. The implementation of these partnerships has increased our website traffic tremendously. Since January, PrudentialHomesale.com has had 1,312,275 website visits; 60,333 of which have come from these media partnerships and their websites! Plus, nearly 20% of these are mobile visits.

Pages from 2012NewSellerServicesPresentation_LancasterFINALWe want to make sure that every agent knows how much effort we put in to help get your listings sold; because at Prudential Homesale, we are completely invested in helping our Agents succeed.


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