Online Seller Advantage

Online Seller Advantage ® keeps your sellers informed!  Potential sellers can see where their property falls within the competition even before they list it.  Current sellers stay up to date on their competition and Prudential Homesale is the only company that has it!!

To start using OSA today, login into the PREA Center to take advantage of all that OSA has to offer you today.

Benefits to Using Online Seller Advantage®

Win Listings
Impress potential sellers with a professionally prepared Listing Presentation Report that outlines all the online benefits of listing with you.
The report presents current real estate activity in their area and they’ll see what you have to offer with your expertise and Prudential Real Estate’s online technology.

house_at_duskMaintain Listings
Every day, until your listings sell, each of your sellers can receive email alerts that let them know:

  • How many times their listing has been returned in Search Results
  • How many times the Property Details for their listing has been viewed
  • How many times their listing has been added to a prospective buyer’s portfolio

You can also get copied on these emails so you’ll always have the most recent statistics on all your listings.


Customer for Life 

Keep in touch with your database and keep your name top of mind.

Customer for Life provides your data base of past and prospective customers with information on the real estate market surrounding their home.  Similar to the emails that Online Seller Advantage ® generates for your listings, Customer for Life sends an email from you with a link to timely Neighborhood Activity Reports of online activity near their property. These reports will tell your customers what prospective buyers in their neighborhood are seeking. The report includes new listings that have come on the market plus listings that have changed status and price.


Test your Knowledge

See how you do with this month’s trivia.
Good Luck!!

1.  Name the 3 things that appear on a seller report.

2.  How do you access OSA?

3. What part of OSA is a great way to keep in touch with past clients?

4. Where are the numbers on the report generated from?












1.# of times appeared in search results, # times in detail, # times added to portfolio; 2. Through PREA Center; 3. Customer for Life; 4. (National website)

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