December Item of Value

IOV Dec 2012- EcardReach out to your clients by sending the “Tools Every Homeowner Should Have” Item of Value!

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Xpressdocs Postcard <– Click Website Link. Login or create an account. Click the “Print & Direct Mail” tab at the top. Under “Personal Marketing” find the “Homesale Items of Value” Category. Be sure to order them ahead of time: 1st class shipping 3-5 days, standard shipping 5-15 business days.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Clients

gift1As we all know, the holidays bring opportunities to stay top of mind with clients. You probably already plan to send holiday cards, but you should also consider that certain gifts are better suited for certain clients. Remember, you don’t need to purchase something for every client, stick to your “A List”!

  1. An Online Greeting– Create a fun holiday video using Animoto or JibJab that will make your clients laugh and smile! Email them directly or share them on your social media.
  2. Gingerbread House Kits– These are great for clients that have young children. They have them at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99 plus you can use their 20% off coupons if you’re part of their email club. Could use the tagline “Wishing You a Happy Holiday in Your Home Sweet Home”
  3. Gift Cards– You can’t go wrong with a gift card, plus it will help support your local businesses.
  4. USB Car Power Adapter– Plug into a car power outlet and then plug in a USB cable to charge a cell phone, MP3, iPod, etc. These can also be customized with your branding through PromotionsNow (minimum order of 150).
  5. Customizable Cell Phone Lounger– For your working clients, they will never lose their cell phone in the stack of papers on their desk. Even stay-at-home moms need a spot dedicated to their phone so they never lose it.
  6. Hot Chocolate Mix– These can be homemade! All you need to do is add the dry ingredients to a jar; attach a tag with the recipe or a simple note and your contact information.
  7. Calendars– Print them with your branding and contact information
  8. Donation– Make a donation to one of their favorite charities in your client’s name and send them a copy of it.

If you still need to order your Holiday Cards,
Xpressdocs has a 20% Off Your Order Promo through 12/14/12.

10 Tips for Drumming Up New Business During the Holidays

Holiday-workingBeing out and about during the holidays, or any time of the year, is good for business. Even working in public places like a local coffee shop helps.

When business is slow we cannot let it slow us down.

Most of us understand that technology can help us stay in touch and communicate with our clients but nothing beats interacting with them in person.

  1. Attend Holiday Parties
  2. Schedule Social Events– lunches, evening drinks, or coffee with as many friends, neighbors, past clients, and vendors as possible.
  3. Complete your 2013 Business Plan– complete with measurable goals, tasks and a budget.
  4. Write blog posts such as “Getting Your Home Ready to Sell”, “How to Price Your Home”, and “How to Choose a Realtor”. Share your posts on social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter to generate more traffic. Cold weather usually means a decrease in foot traffic and an increase in website traffic. People start doing their homework online months before they contact an agent; this is a great way to drive search engine traffic back to you.
  5. Read a book or two. Create and keep a reading list all year long of business books with ideas or practical advice.
  6. Make five phone calls each day Monday through Friday during the month of December, excluding the holidays. Call friends and past clients and wish them a happy New Year. That doesn’t sound like much, but it will make an impact.
  7. Take pictures of local businesses and parks all decked out for the holidays and share them on your social media. They are great conversation starters, and help promote the local businesses and neighborhoods in your community.
  8. Now is the time to purchase “work items” like a new computer, phone, tablet, or program. Take advantage of seasonal discounts and tax deductions.
  9. Use any spare time to tweak online profiles, websites and blogs. Update your content or delete ones that you aren’t using. Get rid of clutter on the computer, in the cloud and around the office.
  10. Walk at least a mile every day. Walking burns calories, is free, clears the mind, and relieves stress.

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