Don’t Forget to WOW Them

The average consumer does not buy a house on a weekly, monthly, or even annual basis so creating a memorable experience is a MUST!!

Not all transactions are created equal, but there are specific needs that most homebuyers share. As a real estate professional it is more important than ever for you to impart your wisdom, expertise, and compassion while you guide clients through the process. Buying a home can be stressful, make a lasting impression that your clients will always remember!

  • Your unique qualities not only define who you are, but they encompass all that your business represents. Make a list of your top personality traits then choose the best three and incorporate them into your various marketing channels. Clients and prospects will get to know you better and what sets you apart from others.
  • Under promise and over deliver – EVERY TIME. The best way to WOW is to exceed your clients’ expectations all the time. Be realistic with everything you deliver and when they can expect it. Then go the extra mile to make your “delivery” impressive and on time, or better yet….early! This is the simplest way to secure your reputation and leaves very little room for any misunderstandings.
  • Keep them in the loop. Stay ahead of their questions, learn to anticipate what your clients will want to know and fire out an email or phone call before they reach out to you for answers. If they do beat you to the punch, be sure you are accessible. Make your responses in a timely manner and if you find you don’t have a quick response, at least acknowledge that you will get one to them as soon as possible! Make your clients feel valuable. See our blog on keeping your sellers updated.
  • Do you love what you do? Clients can sense whether you are enthusiastic about the business or simply putting in time. If you exude excitement, clients will be eager to make a connection and embrace your energy.
  • Remember the “other holidays”, anyone can send a Thanksgiving or Christmas card. Making the effort to remember your client’s own special “holidays” will impress. Imagine the feeling they will get upon receiving a personalized birthday card or anniversary card from you.
  • Ask for feedback; a simple phone call or follow-up email to gauge their satisfaction, will let them know you are 100% committed to making memorable client experiences. They will feel respected and will know you are not going to settle for less than the very best for them.
  • Reward their loyalty. You may choose to give gift cards to clients who send you referrals, or throw in a free product or service here and there; unsolicited gifts will make it hard for clients to go anywhere else.

Impressions of excellence, commitment, and quality will create life-long clients. You’ve got what it takes to “WOW” your clients every day; it’s time to get to it!

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Who doesn’t love a good movie??

Now you can actually make your own movies with just a few simple clicks and edits. Yes, there is an “app for that”.

What better way to impress your clients than by giving them the gift of a short film documenting a very special moment; the purchase of their dream home. Another great use is to create virtual tours of your listings; a fabulous way to impress sellers and market their home!

Ptch is an app from DreamWorks that can take your everyday photos and video clips from your iPhone and make them into a short, memorable “moving story”. Best part…it is so simple to use…and it’s a FREE app!

Here is how it works….


  Pick your pics – You can use photos and/or videos in your phone gallery, from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and any other social media or format you have access to from your iPhone. Choose your media in the sequence you desire.

  Select a soundtrack – There is a strong list of music available through the app to accompany your video.

  Captions – Create a title and captions to enhance the moments you have selected for your film.

  Yes, it really is that easy!! The drag and drop interface is effortless to use. In just minutes, you will create a movie experience everyone is sure to love and remember.

Another great feature is the ability to share your creation! You can share your story through email or a text to one person, or reach many by posting it on Facebook and Twitter. Your clients can share it too with their family and friends; enabling you to get in front of their friends and reach even more viewers. These videos would be a great addition to your testimonials page on your Agent Website.

Imagine how impressed everyone will be with your tech savvy skills!

Click the link below to view a sample video

November Item of Value – Holiday Decorating Tips

Reach out to your clients by sending the “Holiday Decorating Tips” Item of Value!

Flyer Version

eCard Graphic & Instructions

Click the share button to share this IOV on your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Xpressdocs Postcard <– Click Website Link. Login or create an account. Click the “Print & Direct Mail” tab at the top. Under “Personal Marketing” find the “Homesale Items of Value” Category. Be sure to order them ahead of time: 1st class shipping 3-5 days, standard shipping 5-15 business days.

Media Center Enhancements

The Media Center is now much easier for you to create marketing materials!

There is a major update to the Media Center on the horizon. As of October 30, it will be much easier to select, personalize and share a wide range of fresh new materials with just a few clicks.
The new home of the Online AdKit
We’ve migrated much of the old Online AdKit into the Media Center… but with a few added features. For most documents, you can now edit the text and select from a variety of backgrounds and images to provide highly customizable marketing materials.

A wealth of marketing materials at your fingertips:
· Listing materials
· Ads
· Posters
· Flyers
· Facebook timeline covers
· Recruiting materials
· Postcards
· Online presentations
· Much more
How is it new?
When it comes to new content you will now start with an existing template from the new library. This will ensure that you access the easier editing process as well as all the fantastic ability to track your material.

Within the new library, there is a wide variety of completed material as well as fill-in templates from which to choose. However, if there is a layout or a format you’d like to create, and you can’t find it in the library, simply contact the Affiliate Assistance Hotline (888-732-5778) with your requirements and we will have it created for you. Our goal is to fill the library with more and more content that works for you. We value your input and are here to support you in your business building efforts!

Better Browser:
The Browser has been re-designed to make your searches quicker and more intuitive. You can more efficiently filter libraries by content type – simply clicking on a category across the top of the page

All materials are now in the form of easily customizable templates. An online wizard guides you, in a step-by-step fashion, through the personalization process. In fact, much of the information is automatically filled in for you. Customize text. Select image options. Change backgrounds. Even upload your own images into a template.

Not only are your libraries much easier to manage and maintain, the new template platform makes it possible to track the performance of your Media Center marketing efforts.

Getting started is easy
When you login to the new Media Center, you will see a selection of “Getting Started” videos to smoothly guide you on your way. Make sure to take a few moments to watch these before you dive in!
You will also want to take advantage of our Media Center classes in the LearnCenter. The next classes will be on November 14 and November 29 at 11 a.m. (Pacific). Register for these classes by logging in to PREA Center and going to the LearnCenter schedule of classes.
What about the Builder and your existing Media Center documents?
Because of the new template platform, the existing presentations in your library have been moved into a “Legacy” library. These presentations will not have the same tracking and management functionality that comes with the new templates, but you will still be able to them as you did before.
The functionality of the new platform is a huge improvement. We do understand that there may be some adjustments in terms of how you create content, but we are here to support you throughout this transition. Do not hesitate to call on us when you need help!


Access the Media Center Here