What Are Buyers Looking For?

After a buyer receives a suggestion from friends/family to use you as their agent, drives past your yard sign, or finds you through a search engine, they begin doing research. They ask their peers about you, visit your agent website, or view your online profiles. BUT do you have what they’re looking for?

(download the printable flyer version of this article here)

Buyers are interested in:

1. Your Knowledge of the Local Market
2. Local Area Familiarity
3. History of Successful Transactions
4. Types & Price Ranges of Homes You Sell
5. Skills & Strengths
6. Peer Recommendations & Experiences
7. Your Experience/Years in the Business
8. Agent Contact Information

Your Solution:

1. Create a Blog– Adding a blog to your internet marketing strategy is a great way to drive traffic back to your agent website. By posting industry updates, local market trends, and local area information, you will show consumers that you’re an industry and area expert.

2. Bio & Testimonial Page– Use your resume to create a bio page for your website. After a settlement, ask your clients for a testimonial so you can begin building a page containing their experiences.

3. Create online profiles on Yelp.com, RateMyAgent.com, and Zillow.com; they allow consumers to add ratings & reviews.

4. Sold Listings– Adding a Sold Listings page to your website is an easy way to show the successful transactions that you’ve had. This can also serve as a showcase to display the types of homes that you typically sell.

It’s not only important for you have an online presence so buyers can find you, but equally important to supply them with content they are interested in.


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