Facebook Cover Photos Available

When using social media and online marketing to grow your business, it is important to appeal to your target market.  You’ve most likely branded your Facebook Business Page with your agent photo, but have you made it clear to consumers that you are in the real estate industry?

The Media Center now contains real estate Facebook cover photos for your use.  Follow the instructions below to add one to your business page:

To select a Facebook Cover Photo:

1. Go to http://prea.prudential.com and login

2. Under Technology Links, click MediaCenter

3. Once MediaCenteropens, click the binoculars image to browse the media center graphics

4. Choose a Facebook Timeline Cover photo of your choice and click open

5. Click download (green arrow above the image)















To upload your Facebook cover photo:

1. Go to your Facebook Business Page

2. Hover over your cover photo

3. Click Change Cover at the bottom-right of your cover image

4. Click “Upload Photo” from the pop-up menu

5. Save your changes

Don’t miss tomorrows webinar on Facebook business pages for Realtors! Sign up here.

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