Use SocialBios to Keep Your Recommendations in One Place

As Realtors you’ve learned that referrals and recommendations are a sure way to build a successful real estate career.  Providing great customer service leads to a satisfied client recommending and referring you to their friends; helping you build a positive reputation.  Social Media has become the new “Word of Mouth” and because of that it is so important to build a positive online reputation by leveraging your social media connections and recommendations.

You may be wondering; once I’ve created profiles and acquired recommendations on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social sites, how do I get them in front of potential clients?  SocialBios allows you to create “the ultimate ‘about me’ page that brings all of your social networking profile information together in one place (”  Potential clients can see how they’re connected to you (by seeing friends in common) and what their peers (your past clients) have said when recommending you.

Full Service Agent Website Users

Your SocialBios page can be linked to appear as your About Me or Bio page when someone clicks to learn more about you.  Without ever leaving your website, visitors can see common interests, friends in common, etc.  This is a great way to convert website visitors into business referrals.

New Agent Showcasing Benefit

Agent Showcasing subscribers can use SocialBios to enhance their Business Card which appears in the search results when consumers use the Find A Realtor feature.  Consumers are enticed to click through to your profile once they realize they can now view common friends and recommendations.  A consumer that may have known nothing about you before, upon seeing that one of their close friends is connected with you and has given you a great recommendation will now use you for their future real estate endeavors.  Visitors can access your profile from’s Mobile App and recommend you directly from your profile without having to access your other social media sites individually.

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Instructions on Creating Your FREE Account

Contact Jen Brown Wilson for information regarding Full Service Agent Websites and Agent Showcasing at or (717) 286-9906.

RPR recently unleashed version 1.13 with some nifty enhancements

Realtors Property Resource

  1. Manage your reports: our entirely new reports generation page makes it easier for you to choose the report elements you want to include and to see the progress of your report. The payoff is a more highly customized report for your clients. You’ll also now find school facts and reviews for many properties in the Property Report. 
  2. Search on the map: searching for properties using our maps no longer requires the Silverlight plug-in, and there are new indicators to overlay on the map. Try the Year Built layer to see the age of the housing stock in an area. The improved map layers give you more insight into a neighborhood of interest.
  3. Control your search results: You have new options to control the search results for an area, both in the list view and the map view. We wanted to make it simpler for users to search by geography and see all search results, or to search based on the area shown on a map. You’ll also notice that our homepage has turned a neutral gray, but once you sign in, you’ll see the familiar blue homepage. This change reflects that we’ve released a beta commercial resource. All RPR users will arrive at the gray homepage and then move to the blue (residential) or a red (commercial) environment. Our commercial beta users will be testing out the new service over the next few months, and we’ll tell you more about it soon.

Read more details about everything in the v1.13 release in our Release Notes in the Knowledge Base.

Item of Value for May

Reach out to your clients by sending the “Tips for Planting Spring Flowers” Item of Value!

Flyer Version

eCard Graphic Instructions

Want to share it on your social media sites? Click share below, then under the Item of Value click on the social media icon of your choice.

Xpressdocs Postcard <– Click Website Link.  Login or create an account.  Click the “Print & Direct Mail” tab at the top.  Under “Personal Marketing” find the “Homesale Items of Value” Category. Be sure to order them ahead of time: 1st class shipping 3-5 days, standard shipping 5-15 business days.

Prudential Homesale Commercial

Looking for heartwarming content to share?

Here is a new Prudential commercial that you can share on Facebook, Blog, Twitter and more.

It’s a 30 second commercial all about “Home Movies”


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