New Year’s Resolutions for Realtors

Grow Your Database
Do you have Facebook Friends and LinkedIn Connections?  Get their email addresses and add them to your database.

  • Facebook– Go to your Friend’s Profile and then click on their Info Page
  • LinkedIn–  Click “Contacts” tab and then click on one of your contacts

Get a Website and Market It
Since over 90% of buyers find their home online, it is essential to be where the consumers are and invest in a website.  Generating leads and being found by new prospects requires proper marketing.

  • Put your domain on all of your print marketing (fliers, postcards, brochures, business cards)
  • Build link authority by creating free profiles that link back to your website
  • Add keywords to the backend of your website (refer to the Agent Website Webinars for assistance)

Keep Your Sellers Updated
Compile reports for your sellers that will show them stats such as how many buyers have viewed their home online and where you have advertised their home.  This time of year, many sellers consider taking their home off the market and waiting until spring, let them know why they should strive to sell in the winter!

  • Seller Stat Report from Delta Net
  • Adtrack Report from Adwriter
  • Listing Report from OSA
  • Stats from (For Showcased Agents)

Become a Local Expert
As a local Realtor, it is crucial to know your market.  Sharing your knowledge of the area is one way to grow your market share. 

  • Send a newsletter regularly
  • Keep your website updated with area resources
  • Share local market data with your clients
  • Post local events and information on a blog and your social media 

Seek Education
Develop a level of trust with your clients by proving to them that have the knowledge and experience that it takes to get them to the settlement table.  Keep informed of the latest industry happenings, know the programs you use inside and out, and stay on the cutting edge of marketing and technology.

  • Subscribe to a real estate blog to receive email notifications of new posts (,
  • Attend training sessions or watch recorded webinars ( Center Tab)
  • Take a class and get a new designation

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