New Facebook Profile-Timeline!

Have you heard about Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline is a new kind of profile that gives you an easy way to rediscover things you have shared and to share new experiences.  Once you have upgraded to Timeline, there is no way to return to the old-style profile.  If you choose not to opt-in to Timeline, your profile will be automatically updated in the future.  Timeline is also available on android and


To activate Facebook Timeline go to!/GetYourTimeline.  Then click “Get Timeline”

7 Day Review Period

Upon activating Timeline, you are given a 7-Day Preview where only you can see your Timeline.  This gives you the opportunity to review what is currently on your Timeline and add or hide items.  You can click “Publish Now” or wait until your Timeline goes live after 7 days.  Your new Timeline will replace your profile, but all of your posts and photos will remain.  To see how your Timeline appears to other people, click the gear menu at the top of your Timeline and select “View As” then select a friend.

Add/Hide Stories (Posts)

As you come across posts that you wish to add or remove from your Timeline, roll your mouse over the post, click the pencil icon to hide, delete, or edit a post.  Use the privacy dropdown to indicate who you want to see any of your posts.

View All of Your Activity

You now have access to a new tool, Activity Log that allows you to review all your posts and activity from today back to when you first started using Facebook.  You are the only one with the ability to see your activity log.  The first drop down menu next to your posts enables you to adjust the privacy settings for that post, the second lets you decide if you want the post to appear in your Timeline. 

Click Here to Learn More

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