Texting App for Your Phone

Governor Tom Corbett signed legislation into law making Pennsylvania one of over 30 states to ban texting while driving.  This new law will be effective early March 2012.  Police will have the authority to charge someone they catch texting while driving with a $50 fine and a primary offense. 

Download the “Txt U L8r” application, available for Android and Blackberry.   This app. allows you to keep your eyes on the road while driving and never miss a text.  Activate it when you enter your vehicle, the application automatically responds to your emails and texts with a pre-determined message letting the sender know you are unavailable.  The text message will also be read aloud to assure that you don’t miss an urgent message.  This will keep you legal and allow you to focus on driving, not the latest incoming text.  

Click Here to download or for more information.

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