Texting App for Your Phone

Governor Tom Corbett signed legislation into law making Pennsylvania one of over 30 states to ban texting while driving.  This new law will be effective early March 2012.  Police will have the authority to charge someone they catch texting while driving with a $50 fine and a primary offense. 

Download the “Txt U L8r” application, available for Android and Blackberry.   This app. allows you to keep your eyes on the road while driving and never miss a text.  Activate it when you enter your vehicle, the application automatically responds to your emails and texts with a pre-determined message letting the sender know you are unavailable.  The text message will also be read aloud to assure that you don’t miss an urgent message.  This will keep you legal and allow you to focus on driving, not the latest incoming text.  

Click Here to download or for more information.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Prudential Homesale!  As you are gathering around the table with family and friends it is important to let them know what you are thankful for.  We would like to take this time to thank you, our sales associates and staff, for all of your hard work and dedication!

May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy and tons of turkey!

Item of Value for December

Looking for a reason to follow-up with your clients?  Send out an “Outdoor Holiday Decorating Safety” Item of Value.

Flyer Version
Ecard Graphic & Instructions
Xpress Docs Postcard  <— Click Website Link.  Login or create an account.  Click the “Print & Direct Mail” tab at the top.  Under “Personal Marketing” find the “Homesale Items of Value” Category.  Be sure to order them ahead of time: 1st class shipping 3-5 days, standard shipping 5-15 business days.

Are you Looking for Ways to Capture More Leads?

A new Homesale Complete Agent Website feature has been launched!  Website Subscribers now have the ability to create private pages, a great tool that you can use to capture more leads.

In order for users to access a private page, they must be logged-in to their HomeFinder account.  If a website visitor isn’t registered or not logged-in, a registration form will be displayed. When a viewer registers for an account, the website subscriber receives an email notification containing the viewer’s name and email address, which gives them the opportunity to follow up.

Here is a short 5 min. video explaining the new private pages feature & benefits:

If you are interested in creating your own website, click here for a flyer outlining all of the benefits of the Homesale complete website program.

Also, a new formatting for our automatic HomeFinder emails will be released on Monday.  Click Here for the details. 

If you have any questions please email Jennifer@PruHsg.com.

Real Estate Podcast for Your Social Media

To help support your online marketing efforts Prudential Real Estate is releasing a podcast program.  Share these 12 consumer-based audio podcasts on your websites, facebook fanpages, blogs, other social media sites, and in direct marketing to clients and prospects. 

These podcasts feature a series of common real estate challenges and leverage Prudential’s “Bring Your Challenges” campaign.  The first three are available today with subsequent recordings available Nov. 8th, 15th, and 29th, post or distribute 3 per week.

To access these podcasts:

  1. Login to PREACenter http://prea.prudential.com
  2. Click the Marketing link on the left side of the page
  3. Click Podcasts

Follow the steps under “Share” to embed the podcast player on your blog.  

To Post on your Facebook Page:

  1. On the PREA Podcasts page, click “Link to podcasts on Media Center
  2. Find the podcasts category and click “open” on the one you wish to share
  3. Click “Links”
  4. When the new window opens, copy the url provided
  5. On the wall of your facebook fanpage, click “Link”
  6. Paste in the url and click “Attach”
  7. Add a message where it says ‘Say something about this link…”
  8. Click “Post”