Convert Your Smartphone Into a Personal Safety Device

Update your loved ones with your current location!

We know that our Homesale Realtors work late hours and are constantly on the go.  Having the ability to let someone know where you are and that you’re safe is important and will put you at ease.  

Check out Moby for Real Estate Professionals!

This NEW smart phone app. enables you to:

  • Check-in at open houses
  • Inform your loved ones that you will be at the office until late
  • Share your location if you’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood
  • Alert someone that you need assistance with the touch of a button

Unlike checking in on Facebook, which notifies everyone you are friends with, this app. allows you to privately notify specific contacts so that you are in complete control.     

How do I get access to this application?

Moby for Realtors is currently available for the IPhone, BlackBerry, and Android Platforms.  You can download the free version or choose to upgrade to the premium plan. 

Click here for more information

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