Convert Your Smartphone Into a Personal Safety Device

Update your loved ones with your current location!

We know that our Homesale Realtors work late hours and are constantly on the go.  Having the ability to let someone know where you are and that you’re safe is important and will put you at ease.  

Check out Moby for Real Estate Professionals!

This NEW smart phone app. enables you to:

  • Check-in at open houses
  • Inform your loved ones that you will be at the office until late
  • Share your location if you’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood
  • Alert someone that you need assistance with the touch of a button

Unlike checking in on Facebook, which notifies everyone you are friends with, this app. allows you to privately notify specific contacts so that you are in complete control.     

How do I get access to this application?

Moby for Realtors is currently available for the IPhone, BlackBerry, and Android Platforms.  You can download the free version or choose to upgrade to the premium plan. 

Click here for more information

RPR Progress for Homesale

Realtors Property Resource, already launched in many of our Regions!    

If you are a member of any of the following MLS’s you can access the system today!

RAYAC                York & Adams
CPML                 Harrisburg Area
MRIS                  Maryland & Chambersburg
Keystone            Lancaster Area

In addition TREND (Berks County) is supposed to be launched before the end of this year.

If you have not attended a training feel free to Watch a demo video on RPR

Are you a member of more than one MLS that has been launched?

1.  Login to your Account at
2.  Click the “My Profile” Tab
3.  Under MLS Info, click “Add Another MLS”
4.  Select the State, MLS, and enter in your MLS ID
5.  Scoll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”

If you experience any problems adding the MLS Information, please contact RPR’s Customer Care at (877) 977-7576.

RPR Information:

Download the Getting Started Guide 

Post a Video on Your Social Networking

Use WGAL as an Exclusive Homesale Agent Advantage

Go to and click on Sandra for a quick webpage overview.

Use these  marketing materials to your advantage, this video will show you how:  

Our People Make the Difference

One of the missions of our company is to constantly reiterate to customers that we remain strong in all of our markets and that we continue to help people to achieve their dreams of home ownership. 

We are pleased to announce that, we have begun a six-week TV campaign on WGAL-TV highlighting the quality of our team

For this campaign, we chose WGAL as our partner because they cover the most similar footprint as our company and are currently #1 or #2 most widely viewed in south central PA!  

Instructions for posting these commercials on your social media: 

    1. Choose which video you would like to share and click the corresponding link below:
      –       Homesale Strength
      –       Homesale Dreams
      –       Homesale Complete 
    2. Below the video player, click “Share”.
    3. Click the Facebook Icon and a new window will open
    4. If you aren’t logged in, you will need to login to you facebook account
    5. To share the video on your fanpage, click the drop down arrow next to “On your own wall” and select “On your page”
    6. Where it says “Write Something” type in a tagline to market the video to your clients (ie. Find Your Dream Home with our Homesale Family)
    7. Click “Share Link” and it will post the video link on your Facebook FanPage

Halloween Happenings in Central PA

Looking for Content to Share on Your Social Media?

1.  Go to for a list of Halloween events and activities in your area

2.  Click on “Halloween Happenings in Central PA”

3.  Scroll to the bottom of the post and next to “Share This”, click on the social media icon of your choice and a new window will open.

4.  To post on your Facebook Fan Page, click the drop down arrow next to “On your own wall” and select “On your Page”

5.  Click “Share Link”