How To Help Your First-Time Home Buyers

Rent vs Buy. Renters are afraid that they can’t afford to buy a home.  Many renters are making payments that are close to or exceed an average monthly mortgage payment.  Rather than wasting their money on rent, help them see the benefit of building equity in a new home.  

Hire the Right Realtor.  Let them know how important it is to hire the right Real Estate Professional and assure them why they should hire you. 
-You know the market
-You’ll guide them through each step of their real estate experience
-You’ll aid them throughout their decision-making process
-You’ll find the home that meets their needs and aspirations
-You’ll take care of all the details and negotiate on their behalf
-And you can assure that they will have a smooth transaction from contract to closing 

Get Pre-approved. Getting pre-approved will allow both you and your buyer to have a full understanding of what they will be able to afford.  This will enable you to show them houses within their budget and will eliminate the frustration of showing them homes they can’t afford. 

Meet Their Needs. Let your first-time buyers know that this is a big commitment.  Find out what their goals are for the future and help them find a home that will meet both their current and future needs. 

Educate Them. Explain the buying process to them.  They need to be aware of what steps will be taken and their responsibilities throughout the entire process. 

Close.  Guide them through the stack of paperwork that often seems overwhelming and assure that they have a smooth settlement.

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