Reader’s Choice Awards

Dear Lancaster Region Team Members: 

On August 28, 2011, the Lancaster Newspapers announced their annual Readers’ Choice Awards.  Congratulations on winning this award every year since its inception 11 years ago! 

Kudos to Andy Esbenshade, who is the Readers’ Choice Award winner as an Agent. 

As a reminder, the market share bar charts for the first half of 2011 have been posted to TeamHomeSale.  The bar charts reflect a real growth in our market share over that of our competition. 

Thanks to all for continuing to make us a special Company. 


Doug Rebert
Managing Director
Prudential Homesale Services Group             
717-286-9901 (office)
717-333-6123 (cell)
717-393-1021 (confidential fax) 

“We Help People Achieve Their Dreams”

Reasons to Make a Phone Call

We would like to share a recent email from Lloyd Dreibelbis, the Office Manager of our Schuylkill Haven Office with you:

“We tend to get caught up in the Do Not Call mentality.  If you’re calling someone you know… someone in your Circle of Influence… the Do Not Call list just doesn’t come into play.  In my opinion, everyone in your Circle of Influence should receive a phone call from you once a quarter.  Make the call.  Here are some good reasons to call.”       Lloyd D.

  • To get an e-mail Address:  “Hi how are you?  I was just updating my database on my very best friends and clients, and I noticed that I’m missing your e-mail address.   Would you mind giving that to me?”
  • To add someone to your Client Appreciation Program (Circle of Influence Mailing)
  • To announce your affiliation with Prudential & Prudential Landis Homesale Services (Follow-up call to your announcement card)
  • To talk about your new Business Model:  Working exclusively by Referral.
  • A Birthday
  • A Wedding Anniversary
  • A Home Purchase Anniversary
  • A Special “Life” Event… new child, new job, etc.
  • A Holiday Greeting
  • To acknowledge an achievement you read or heard about
  • To let them know that you plan to be in their neighborhood and that you might “pop by” just to say hello
  • Just to say HI… “I’m still in the Real Estate business and am never too busy for any of your referrals!” 

“If you made two phone calls a day… five days a week… for three months (a quarter)… you would make contact with 120 people!” 

-Lloyd D

The Scoop on Google +1

What is it?
Similar to the Facebook “Like”, the +1 button is a public way of voicing your approval and recommendation.  It is a way of saying “check this out” or “this is neat.”  When your friends, contacts, and others are searching the web, websites/articles that you +1 will appear higher in their search results.  

Why use the +1 Button?
By adding the +1 button to your Agent Website, you are giving viewers the opportunity to recommend your site which will improve your search engine ranking.  If you have a company website, contact Jen Wilson in the Agent Services Department, or (717) 286-9906 and have it added to your Agent Website! 

How do I sign-up?
In order to start +1-ing your favorite sites, you need to sign-up!  Since Google +1 is still in its trial period, sign-ups are limited.  Anyone who currently has a +1 account has the ability to send out 150 invitations.  Reach out to your sphere and ask for an exclusive +1 invitation and sign-up!  Once it is out of the trial period, Google +1 will open up its registration to everyone.  As soon as this fully launches, we will be conducting webinar trainings and get you up to speed on how to utilize this new social networking tool! 

In the meantime, Jen Wilson has opened up her 150 invitations to you! Click the link below and register before they run out!

For more info: